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Calgary is home to an amazing array of female theatre makers. Handsome Alice offers support and space for these artists and is devoted to unleashing the female voice through the development, creation, and production of theatre works that are inclusive, curious, and rebellious.

The Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Annual Theatre Production Survey reported that out of 812 productions during the 2013/14 season, 63 percent were written by men while only 22 percent were written by women. Similarly, Equity in Theatre reports that, “As artistic directors, directors, and playwrights, women in Canada’s professional theatre industry have not yet surpassed the 35% employment marker.” This is despite the majority of theatre attendees in Canada being women, over half of all theatre students identifying as female and of course, the theatre world is not immune to gender wage gaps.

But women’s theatre is important. It provides platforms for reflection, connection, education and expression, prompts discussion and inspires action. Theatre historically creates a space outside of our normal worlds to explore and examine themes and issues perhaps not readily communicated or considered in the public realm.

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