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Between Us


Between Us

Created and performed by: 
Meg Farhall and Michael Rolfe

Directed by: 
Vanessa Porteous

February 20-29, 2020

7:00 pm, 2:30 Matinees

Vertigo Studio Theatre 115 9th Ave SE


About Between Us

Between Us explores the lives of William and Anna, a match made in heaven, or so they thought. A charming encounter between the pair sets in motion a heartwarming and heart wrenching romance with actions and consequences that will reshape both their lives. This intense drama asks, what are we willing to share and what remains Between Us?  

Creative and production team

Director – Vanessa Porteous

Creators/Performer – Meg Farhall 

Creators/Performer – Michael Rolfe

Violence Design – John Knight

Sound Design – Kathryn Smith

Set and Lighting Design – Alison Yanota

Costume Consultant – Jennifer Arsenault

Production Manager – Ajay Badoni

Producer – Bianca Miranda


*Mature Content 18+: language and violence

*Wheelchair Accessible 



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