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Personal trauma and healing woven throughout A Chitenge Story

July 27, 2018 - 10:49 am / News

Excerpt:  Calgary actor Makambe K. Simamba has been working on her solo show, A Chitenge Story, for the past four years, but it is a story that has unfolded over … More

Zambia meets Lethbridge to create A Chitenge Story

July 27, 2018 - 10:31 am / News

Excerpt:  A half decade ago, when she was a theatre student at the University of Lethbridge, Makambe K. Simamba made a pilgrimage of sorts to her birthplace of Zambia. It became … More

‘When we talk about our emotions, it’s always one feeling at a time.’

July 27, 2018 - 10:28 am / News

Excerpt: Jan Derbyshire wants to have a talk about crazy behavior. The Vancouver-based actor, playwright, and part-time stand-up comic knows of what she speaks: two decades ago, she found herself … More

Comedian’s own mental health crisis at heart of solo show, Certified

July 27, 2018 - 10:25 am / Article, News

Excerpt: I have long considered Loose Moose alumnus Jan Derbyshire an insanely funny comic. What I didn’t know was that Derbyshire was once certified insane. “It started back in 1998 … More

Handsome Alice Theatre Announces Meg Farhall as New Artistic Director

June 25, 2018 - 1:52 am / News

The Board of Directors of Handsome Alice Theatre wishes to announce the departure of Kate Newby as Artistic Producer. Kate has been absolutely vital to the launch and growth of … More

20 diverse female voices share what it’s like to feel visible and invisible in society

October 13, 2017 - 6:58 pm / News

Each woman brought their own stories to the mix for inVISIBLE, a collection of stories billed as less of a theatre production and more of a happening or experience.

Calgary Herald “inVISIBLE” preview article

October 13, 2017 - 4:25 pm / Article, News

Artistic director Kate Newby calls inVISIBLE “an intimate slumber party, a joyful gathering of collective energy, a raw, vulnerable, complex and liberating happening.” This 90-minute happening will take place from Oct. 12 through 21 at the University of Calgary’s Matthews Theatre in Craigie Hall and will feature 13 performers, including Makambe K. Simamba, who has been with the project since its inception in the fall of 2016.

Purchase your tickets today, and join us for one of our upcoming performances.